The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the support services between Customer (software licensee) and Withum in regard to purchased software. This SLA applies to technical support and support services provided by Withum for OneWindow Workplace and documentation (collectively “Software”). “Customer” refers to the individual or entity that has ordered Technical Support and Maintenance for the Licensed Software from Withum and pursuant to the Subscription License Agreement.

Contacting Support

Withum support offers contact via the support portal at https://support.withumdigital.com or by email at [email protected]. Support is available 8:00AM to 8:00PM eastern time.

Once the initial case is created, all further correspondence will include the case number. Response times are dependent on the severity of the issue (See Service Levels below). To process any case and assign it to the appropriate representative, the following is required:

  • Company Name
  • Name – First and Last
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address – Must be a business email that aligns with an organization
  • Detailed Problem Description – Browser and version, User and permissions, Steps to reproduce if possible
  • Recommended – Screen clippings of error in the environment

Service Levels

Response Matrix
  Response Time Severity Level Response
Severity 1 Not to exceed 2 hours Strive to provide work around or fix as quickly as possible – highest priority
Severity 2 Not to exceed 6 business hours during standard coverage Strive to provide work around or fix within 3 business days, but not to exceed the next release.
Severity 3 Not to exceed 10 business hours during standard coverage Strive to provide a work around within 5 business days and fix, if required, within a release.
Severity 4 Not to exceed 10 business hours during standard Strive to understand requirement within 10 business days and place in consideration for future releases.

Service Level Descriptions

Severity 1 (Emergency)

The Software or a significant portion of the Software is inoperative, and no workaround exists. Severity 1 is only assigned when a production or “live” environment is found to be significantly inoperable, and Microsoft 365 is operating without known advisories. A workaround or resolution will be provided as soon as possible and the severity level will then be reduced to the appropriate severity level.

Severity 1 issues require a case to be opened on the Support portal. Response times are not guaranteed for Severity 1 issues placed by email.


  • No Information displaying within OneWindow Webpart
Severity 2 (High)

The Software is usable, but its functionality is degraded or restricted significantly, and no workaround exists. Severity 2 is limited to situations where the normal operation of the system or a significant part of the system has been disrupted. 


  • Content is not displayed correctly/accurately
Severity 3 (Low)

The Software is usable, but one or more functions may not operate as expected. This is a non-critical situation or one for which an acceptable workaround has already been provided. 


  • Styling/color has changed since the original deployment
Severity 4 (Annoyance, Enhancement or Feature Request)

The software is fully usable, but an enhancement or feature request is being made after analysis of the Customer problem. Withum will log the request for future consideration. There is no defined timeframe for a workaround or solution.

Requesting Billable Support Outside of Service Levels

Withum offers billable service options for customers seeking assistance outside of the standard OneWindow Workplace contractual support hours. Contact [email protected] to determine the needs that best fit your organization.  


The Withum support team will make every effort to resolve issues as quickly as possible. From time to time an escalation is required when lack of progress is being made towards issue resolution. In these cases, the issues will be assigned to a Level 2 (Senior) or Product Team Representative to review and act on the problem. 

Non-Response from Customer for Open Cases

From time to time we are unable to reach a customer who has opened a new or has an existing active case. Withum will call and email the case originator for three (3) consecutive days. If there is no customer response after three days, the case will be closed and an automated email sent to the case originator. 

At any time, the case originator (customer) can call back to Withum with their existing case number and the team will reopen or create a new case depending on the time the case has been closed. 

Software Updates and Upgrades

Patches, bug fixes, enhancements, and software updates to new versions will be made available to Customers who are in good standing with maintenance services and are using the supported versions of the software. Fixes, updates and upgrades are provided without additional charge and are considered part of the Subscription License Agreement. Labor to provide the software installations or upgrades is not covered by the Software Updates and Upgrades.

Software Version Support

Withum will support the last two major released versions of a software solution. Withum may support older versions of software solutions when possible as a professional service.

Customer Responsibilities

If a Customer experiences a failure, it is the Customer’s responsibility to notify Withum Support. In order to successfully troubleshoot and resolve the Customer issue(s), Withum Support may request the following:

  1. Software Version
  2. Environment and Architecture Information
  3. Logs from Microsoft 365
  4. Screen clips of the error
  5. Access to perform a remote session

Troubleshooting and Assistance Not Related to OneWindow Workplace

In cases where the Withum support team has determined that the issue is environmental (i.e., Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online or other cloud services), or is  a configuration/customization and not related to a defect in the software, Withum may not be held responsible for the analysis, troubleshooting or resolution of the environmental issue and the time involved may count against the allotted monthly hours.

Supported Software

OneWindow Workplace is a software-as-a-service toolkit that consists of the following components:

  • SharePoint Online SPfX Web Part Packages
  • SharePoint Online SPfX Application Extensions (Header, Footer) with mega-menu and administrative component
  • SharePoint SPfX Governance Toolkit, which consists of a workspace request function, workspace templating and provisioning and Workspace Directory (Leverage Microsoft Power Automate and Azure Functions)
  • Administrative components

Web Part List (January 2023)

  • Administration – Turn any site collection into an administrative hub by adding this webpart to control governance. Settings for site creation and advanced global navigation are set-up here.  
  • Calendar/Event List – Rolls up events from any combination of locations, giving end users context by showing related calendars and events on the same page. Can be personalized to display events relevant to the logged-in user as an event list or Calendar.
  • Content Search - Allows a developer to more rapidly customize on-page search results with a broader range of design options.  
  • Discover – Creates a modern card format for content that allows end users to search and filter results. Administrators can configure the web part to be pre-filtered, sorted and organize results from any combination of locations.   
  • Information Bar - Grab users’ attention by adding a banner to the top of your page. A user can easily add a message and a link to alert users to important information such as office closures.
  • List Query – Allows to query content across sites and site collections.
  • My Teams & Groups -  Present Sites, Teams, and/or Outlook groups in the card display format. Allows users to easily access the Sites, Teams, and Groups that they have permission to access.  
  • News List – Rolls up news from any combination of locations and can be configured to display news stories as top stories, a list, or side-by-site. Administrators can also target and personalize content for the logged-in end user.   
  • Organization Chart – Display by a department or the individual’s structure on any page. The organization chart is no longer stuck in the personal profile!   
  • People Directory - Connect with employees across your organization and find who to contact. Flexibility to choose how to display results. Keep the end user in context with all information on a single page.  Profile View – Display information about an individual on any page. A personal profile is no longer stuck in one location.
  • Policy/Content Rollup – Display a list of targeted documents and rollup and organize by meta-data (often used to display policies and procedures in an organized fashion).
  • Service Now Viva Card – Display specific events from Service Now as a Viva Card.
  • Site Creation - Allow Site Owners to start the site creation process based on your organization’s policies.  
  • Tabs – Add large amounts of text directly on a page, while saving space. A user can create any number of vertical or horizontal tabbed sections, control the height and behavior of expansion, and directly add content.  
  • Tools & Apps - Target, personalize, and centrally control access to important internal and external resources. Use custom icons to create links to key tools and systems. Administrators can also choose to allow the end user to customize the display by hiding items in the web part.  
  • Translate – Translate content quickly by selecting a language from the dropdown menu and Google translate will update page content.   
  • Video – Display videos from Office 365 or external sources. Target and personalize videos to the logged-in end user.  
  • Workday Viva Card – Display specific actions from Workday as a Viva Card.
  • Workspace Approval – Display a list of approval waiting for workspace creation.