The Features You Need Now and Into the Future

OneWindow Workplace is a revolutionary combination of technology and support, simplifying the way employees collaborate and communicate. Always built with the latest Microsoft 365 capabilities and connected with long-term support from experts, OneWindow Workplace rapidly moves employees to the cloud and retains their engagement.


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Direct from the builder, we provide first-class long-term customer care to enhance your Microsoft 365 Investment. 

  • OWW Technology Troubleshooting Phone & Online 
  • Basic Office 365 Support from Experts – What’s new? How do I? 
  • Guidance on balancing the arrival of new technology and adoption for your organization. 
  • Monthly Customer Success review with Office 365 Subject Matter Expert (SME) 
  • Subscriber only content from Microsoft MVPs. 

Power Your Digital Workplace

Standard Technology

Controlled Deployment

Choose what features you want to deploy, and when they update.


Take advantage of what Office 365 provides and match your corporate brand.


Provide your employees with the most relevant content they’d be interested in.

Connecting to Employees

Search, find and connect with fellow employees based on key organizational attributes.

News and Events

Have the flexibility to control how items are authored, unified and viewed across a flat structure.

My Teams, Sites & Groups

One place to present all Office 365 collaboration and communication access.

Search & Find

Simplified search allowing quicker filtering and identification of relevant content.

Quick Links

Central control with employee flexibility to edit, access links at any time.


View and analyze critical data to determine your Office 365 adoption.

Accelerate Your Adoption

Advanced Navigation

Beyond just a graphic representation, this navigation allows you to create a virtual hierarchy, provide built in contextual elements, and is good looking.

Workspace Request & Creation

Guide your employees through the creation of collaboration and communication features, based on pre-set templates. Add a workflow to approve of their selection.


Make decisions and apply them to all, or part, of your environment. Control risk by organizing key elements without interfering with employees everyday work.