Withum Digital has been designing, developing, implementing and customizing for information-sharing since early 2002. The company was founded with a focus on Microsoft SharePoint solutions, which has given us years of experience designing and building custom solutions on the SharePoint platform.

Over the years, we expanded on that SharePoint expertise by developing solutions that incorporate enterprise search, business intelligence, cloud solutions, managed services and many third-party applications that address everything from content migration and workflow automation to digital signatures.

Now, more than a decade later, Withum Digital has broadened its services beyond SharePoint. Our team of experts provide strategy, planning, design, implementation and managed services for the entire cloud transformation, using Microsoft’s suite of cloud productivity and collaboration tools, now available online through Office 365. We are excited about the latest technology trends, including the emergence of the social enterprise as a means to connect people inside and outside of organizations in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.


When you invest in OneWindow Workplace you are selecting the combination of world-class technology and long-term customer care. With a monthly meeting with Office 365 subject matter experts, and subscriber only content from our MVPs you will know what the future brings in Microsoft 365. In addition, you will be able to rapidly deploy your Digital Workplace and control the roll out of new technologies.