The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C., was looking for an intranet solution to replace their dated, inflexible and clunky intranet. Brookings wanted the new solution to meet many different requirements for its Microsoft Office 365 cloud investment including: clean, simple easy-to use layout; robust search function; straightforward navigation; mobile accessible, ability to embed images and videos; fully functional electronic forms and built-in IT support for maintenance and updates.

OneWindow Workplace ‘checked all the boxes’ that were required by Brookings for their intranet overhaul. It unifies the Office 365 experience and features a modern, clean tile-based design; built-in relevant search and discovery engine with personalization; easy to use navigation; and all features are accessible anywhere on any device at any time.

OneWindow Workplace:

  • Increased engagement with the new digital workplace platform
  • Achieved 50% reduction in email traffic with the clients and the project stakeholders
  • Was a fraction of the traditional deployment timeline and associated cost

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