OneWindow Workplace is an Intranet-as-a-Service solution that integrates the components of the Office 365 platform into a single digital Window and can be deployed in 80% less time than custom solutions.

Integrating with Microsoft Office 365 right out of the box, OneWindow Workplace creates a powerful, easy-to-implement digital workplace that can be tailored to your specific industry. No more designing and building. With OneWindow Workplace running on Office 365 you get the best elements of great intranets and team workspaces — fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and available day one.

Easily access all of the components of Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Yammer, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office Groups, Videos and Office Graph) in an easy-to-navigate, single digital Window. OneWindow Workplace incorporates all of the modern productivity tools for communication and collaboration that make it an effective way for you to quickly find what you need and share what you know.

Say goodbye to months long implementation process and complex solutions — get your team up and running in days collaborating with each other, getting answers, producing and distributing content and communicating with the greatest of ease.



The Social Intranet That Helps Your Employees Work Faster And Smarter

Most organizations are on a constant quest to provide employees with the tools that will help improve agility, productivity and innovation. By breaking down barriers to communication and accessing content, your people are able to do more – wherever they may be on whatever device they may be using. Start driving collaboration and content productivity with OneWindow Workplace.

From identifying, qualifying and closing new business to staffing and executing on projects – you need to the right people with the right information to execute smoothly and differentiate your organization.

Check out the easiest way to upload docs: OneWindow’s “Drag & Tag” feature.

Moving between company news feeds and your content is a snap with the OneWindow “Quick-Find” sliding panel.

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