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OneWindow Workplace can help you create a better Office 365 experience, increase efficiency, reduce deployment costs and improve your customer's satisfaction with Office 365.

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Is Office 365 your core business? Are your customers searching for an intranet solution that can be deployed quickly? We are looking for new OneWindow Partners worldwide.

Give your customers an intranet that they will love every day!


 Include OneWindow in Your Solution Portfolio

If you are a managed services provider, new to SharePoint Online and want to enhance your relationship with your customers.

Differentiate Yourself

OneWindow Workplace is the first Intranet as a Service built for Office 365. You can deploy OneWindow without prior knowledge of SharePoint and your customers will not be exposed to the complexity of the SharePoint UI. More importantly we will support your customers and provide new releases monthly.

Focus On What You Do Best

SharePoint not your core business? OneWindow Workplace allows you to extend your services by providing content management, information management, document management and social intranet to your portfolio.

Earn Recurring Margin

You will earn recurring margin for reselling OneWindow Workplace and increase your professional services opportunities. We will support your team and provide training to your engineers.

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