OneWindow Workplace Intranet Portal Features

OneWindow Workplace, the affordable intranet out-of-the-box, comes with a variety of desired social intranet features companies look for when designing their company intranet. Built on Office 365, the OneWindow social collaboration platform offers all the features and capabilities such as enhanced personal profiles, robust file sharing and enterprise search, smart project-based workspaces, and easy to use social channels for increased communication and collaboration.

Talk to one of our digital workplace experts about your business needs and wants for a company intranet, and we can help you decide if the OneWindow social intranet as a service solution has the features and capabilities required for your team to stay productive and collaborative. If OneWindow is a good fit, we could have your branded social collaboration platform up and running within a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost of a custom built intranet, keeping you on time and within budget for your corporate intranet overhaul.

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Connecting People to People

Using enhanced personal profiles within the OneWindow social intranet, you can quickly find the right person with the knowledge, skills and experience you need, connect right away and stay current to each person's contributions.

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A More Collaborative Intranet Portal

Forget attachments, share drives and folders. The OneWindow social intranet features advanced search and discovery, allowing you to find just what you need, or just what you were working on quickly and easily.

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Smarter Project Workspaces

Project workspaces are now smarter than ever, combining project documents, discussions and team members in a single place that enables constant communication – keeping everyone in the loop.

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What's Happening

Use true publishing and social intranet network capabilities to easily communicate company-wide. The OneWindow social intranet features multimedia tools to reinforce the culture and keep everyone on the same page.

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The Easiest Document Upload

Drag & Tag functionality allows every user an easy to use document upload.

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A Better Social Intranet

Commenting, pinning and sharing, powered by Yammer Enterprise, all integrated throughout the social collaboration platform.

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A Collaborative IntrANet HAS the Power to help your team


The OneWindow social intranet is your one stop shop for communication and productivity. As an intranet portal built on the Office 365 suite, the social intranet features all the familiar Microsoft apps and combines them into one single digital window, creating a powerful, easy-to-implement digital workplace that can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Using the OneWindow Office 365 intranet to power your company’s social intranet, imperative knowledge can be shared between employees quicker and easier than ever, at the fraction of deployment and setup time and cost. OneWindow is the out of box intranet portal that allows you to quickly find what you need and share what you know, whenever, wherever.


People Search allows the user to quickly sort by various criteria including functional area, skills or location.

Detailed People Profiles include details added by the users as well as corporate data accessible via integration with HR and Accounting/Financial systems.

Skills and Past Projects can be included to allow for skills-based searches of individuals.



Community sites provide social feeds relevant to the sites purpose and community members that encourage collaboration.

Site member availability is displaying with click-to-contact capabilities.

The Content Bar on the OneWindow intranet can be used to manage views of content relevant to the community.

  • Documents
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Tasks



Project Sites includes access to project and client profiles.

Site member availability is displaying with click-to-contact capabilities.

Project Sites provide social feeds relevant to the particular project and client.

Project summary information is displayed to provide quick status views.



News & Eventspage aggregates the most relevant internal and external sources of information in a single view.

Internal sources include announcements and event notifications.

External sources can include Twitter feeds, blog posts and industry news.

Sorting and finding is easier with the drop down refiners at the top of the page on the social intranet homepage.



“Drag & Tag” functionality allows the user to upload a document by dragging it onto the screen.

Drop down menu is displayed on the social intranet for the user to select from a list of document types.

Search box allows users to quickly find the appropriate project or community to assign to the document.

Other optional descriptive data (metadata) can be easily applied to the document.


Social Collaboration

The social intranet platform has groups that allow for community-based discussions – Yammer everywhere.

Get a consolidated and easily sortable view of user's social feeds fully integrated in a single digital window.


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